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Do any of you guys replay scenes of movies over and over and over? I know a lot of you create scenes and characters. I think my scenes already exist in movies and interviews and I replay it and memorize it

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Yes, all the time. My Mary-Sue character is a famous, award-winning actress, and almost all of my favourite maladaptive daydreams center around the best scenes she is part of in film. In particular, the most excited and sexy scenes she's managed to win audiences over that have clever lines. It's as if I love to watch the trailer of these "films" in my mind as I listen to one of my favourite songs. I'll replay the song over and over, and in my head watch the "trailer" over and over.  

I don't watch many movies, but I have a habit of reading good books over and over. Not how normal people that might do a reread once a year, I mean I actually reread the book about 10 times in a 3-4 month period, with all of them much longer than the whole Harry Potter series (I live in HK, so the books I refer to are mostly written in Chinese, just to give you a comparison by mentioning Harry Potter). Of course, in the process I read the scenes I like much more detail than other parts, so in this case, I do think it is quite similar to replaying a movie scene over and over. However, I am uncertain that I read it for solely memorizing, it more likes helping me to develop my own MD scenario instead.

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