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I could write hundreds of blogs that convey different aspects about what happened with my past and what possessed to day dream so excessively.

Scientifically, somebody may easily detect that your no friend to them....that your very weird....that you may simply make them so angry and/or uncomfortable to be around you or even near you, at all. They may want you to stay the hell away from them! They may even think your crazy or demented. Or they may underestimate your intellect and give you a significantly harmful response to your ears. You may not think your a bad person yourself, so everybody around you may look awfully snide.

When you don't open your mouth, nobody could ever tell "who you truly are about and how smart you are." Other people may treat you like your dumb and can't do a thing for yourself. They may try to want and help to the best of their abilities.

Also, you may have many desires. You wanted a partner. You wanted your dream job. You've always wanted a car. You've always wanted to travel. Nothing has probably come true. You have to bust your ass and prove it to the world, you can ultimately get what your want. Thing is, dreaming about it for years never gets you there. To start with, you were too lazy and zoned out to make it all happen. Your failures may look so clearly obvious for those who never went and daydreamed. But to you, drowning so deep in your head filled with 'happy-going' dreams, it's harder to make these judgments.

[...Also, I have to say...I lived in a world or my own for too long. I expected too many things to go my way.
Nobody thought so themselves, in fact, they lived in the "right world." They weren't dreamers like I was.
I got amazingly embarrassed and own up to deserving the after effects...]

A dream is just a dream. It's what you accomplish in the real and how well you shape yourself up.

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